Company Profile: Shenzhen Jin Wang electronic products factory is a production of EMI shielding materials, anti-static materials, multi-brand double-sided tape and optical films of the professional manufacturers for the domestic electronics industry with complete accessories products. Phoenix is ??located in Shenzhen Baoan Xixiang Kong Industrial Park, is the lowest price in the industry, the most complete variety of manufacturers. The company has a large number of highly qualified technical personnel and first-class production equipment, in the shock out of the competition in the market, with reliable quality and honest service and flexible mode of operation has always been customer satisfaction as their standard of living, and gradually in the electronic accessories industry estab..Read more
  • Mr. Yu: Li Xiang-Lin (Mr.)
    Tel: 86-0755-27906600/29461658
    Fax: 86-0755-61640714
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